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#250945 - I flip her expertly onto her front on the bed so she’s face down and her cute little ass is in the air I hold her hands above her head the way she likes and I ram my cock up her ass as far as it will go and I fuck her hard using her ass for my greedy cock I pound her deep and hard and I feel her ass getting tighter as she cries out “oh fuck me rob im cumming baby. She leans in and plants a little kiss on my lips “Hey baby, what’s a guy like you doing in a place like this?” She giggles “Waiting for my wife who said she wont be long but who is two hours late!” he smirks “Im sorry baby Iv been busy at work and got held up, im sorry” bet you did he murmurs to himself “That’s the 4th time this week, what’s going on?” she perches on a bar stool and crosses her long slender legs, her skirt rides up and he gets a glimpse of her stockings, his pulse quickens in response he is truly stunning “Oh this and that really, but hey lets not talk about that how did your promo go? Did you g

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