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#217820 - In order to find answer to this he changed his mind and he said to vijaya that he is going to visit pooja hostel hostel. My dad Ramegowda is about 56 ,my mom Vijaya is 42 and my sis Pooja is18 and my age is 20 at that time , lot of years as been over after the great ultimate thing is happened in my life, so here we head to start, I am going to narrate this as a novel. Rangamma took both the mother and son to her village and she arranged a first night in her home , rathode wears a traditional white shirt and white lungi(dhothi) , he is waiting for his mom to enter the room, room is fully decorated with all type of flowers and all type of sweets the fragrance is only giving him a kick , he looks towards the bed in which they will going to have their first night he suddenly herds the sound of his moms payal ( ornament which is used to wear in legs) , on by just hearing that sound his dick get raised Rangamma sends her daughter to her grandson room as vijaya enters the room she sudden

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