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#350008 - I never went on to him for at least a week and after a week I couldn't control and placed my hands on his waist and hugged him to sleep better but after some time he lost his cool and directed my head down to his rod never spoke a word but he himself took his rod out and forced it into my mouth,I felt really happy to have his rod in my mouth again and blowed him for 30 minutes and made him cum twice but it was awful so I spit it out. Then I got angry and stopped blowing him for almost a month everything went smooth we both have no complaints and decided to remain as just friends rather than friends with benefits until this situation came up. At the beginning of our relationship I never cared much for such pleasures because it never was sex actually he just used to rub his hands all over my body and squeeze my chest and my c0*k very hard until I get excited about do the same for his and then we used to mutually masturbate each other but I did it till he came but he would

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