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#193282 - I called Asan so that she'd be able to see the disc, but she wouldn't budge from the window. He trailed through the snow as the cold air bit his warm body, as the cold person bit into his heart, yet he was determined to sew them back together! ?? The crow cawed, Will you always think about her? Yes! I bewailed as the crow cawed at my distress and merely died in my hands as the heat got closer, “You have killed enough animals, Danada Smith!” I dropped the crow from my hands and wanted more of the red water! I checked the cup and couldn’t find anymore! What will I do as the wretched meteor comes? The tiger! It's gone; it's gone! Oh lord! I yelled out for her name, but no answer! I crawled over to the bathroom, as the voices only got louder! Is there something wrong with my thumb? No, it's just fine! My hair! There's nothing wrong with it either! I felt dizzy as I stared at myself in the mirror, Yes, five thumbs on each side, goo

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