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#211547 - I invited them into the lounge where he introduced me as his whore to his wife Nardin who was very plump unlike his daughter Shia who was in her early teens, Amyl said l wasn’t going to fuck his daughter, but his wife instead, next he ordered his wife to take off her knickers and lay on the floor she began saying something in Indian, Amyl raised his voice, she lifted her skirt and slid out of her knickers and lay on the floor, Shia the daughter knelt by her mother’s side. That evening me and Robert went to visit my aunt Silvia and she looked a lot better than the last few times l went to see her, also l returned the credit card l borrowed saying l had brought some lovely knickers and tops which she couldn’t wait to see me in. My uncle remarked on my knickers having a damp patch which was Rasheed’s spunk running from my rear, Amyl began groaning and informed me we were going upstairs, l was taken to the bathroom where he knelt me in the bath then ordered l open my mouth, Amyl got his

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