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#190620 - ?!? Now returning to her soft understanding tone of voice, Dee said softly, Okay, hon, stand up, lift your skirt, and show me your panties, please!!! Right here, Melanie said incredulously, w-what if somebody walks in!?! I've already taken the liberty of locking the door, Dee replied, so it you're ready, show me, please!!! Slowly Melanie stood up and with a quickly turning red face, she lifted her skirt by the hem and pulled it high over her waist, exposing her panty clad pussy to this complete stranger! Mmmmmmm, Dee hummed, you wear very pretty under things, and from the looks of it, you're a true redhead!!! Her cheeks already were matching her hair, but she still managed to reply, I am a true redhead, do you think Mr.

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