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#40691 - “She is going to have to have you go with her for a few days til me and Aunt Linda can get all the paperwork in order to have you put into our custody” I stared at him, hatred building up in me as he finished speaking “What makes you think that you and Aunt Linda can just stroll in and replace my mom and dad like that!” I yelled “I don’t want to go anywhere, this is my house and I’m not leaving here to go with anybody!” “Robert I can understand your pain and confusion, but the laws are clear and we can’t let you stay here by yourself your still a minor” Lucy said trying to sound sympathetic. “I was trying to catch a ride to Summersville and Mr. I was just about to the house when the yard was lit up by a bright light.

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Who want to play with me in this game
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I really love it