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#74683 - Yes, yes my name is Garry he replied Well, then Garry come in please Mary told him I might say you are very young looking, how old are you Garry Mary asked Im 16 Garry replied as he entered the house following as Mary led him into the lounge,please take off your back pack and take a seat Garry Mary told him as she watched A very nervousness Garry was then asked by Mary why do you want board,surely your living with you parents she asked. Garry nervous voice stuttered for a few seconds as he begun to tell Mary of about his life along with his ambitions ,Well Mary I'm 16 and ever since I can remember Ive wanted to be cooked and eaten,Im sure thats not normal, is it as he asked Mary. Mary's hands begun massaging the young boys chest and stomach with warm oils her fingers started to rub the oils into his soft flesh when suddenly Garry felt his penis getting an erection when suddenly he felt her hands caressing his hard erect cock as she asked him if

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