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#131126 - The benefit of a top class Indian private education I imagined, knowing what little I did of the family. I stood up straight and put the bottle down thinking ‘I am NOT going to miss out on an opportunity like THIS!’, and as she reached me I grasped her firmly by the waist and planted a gentle kiss on both cheeks; I DO always greet females this way, but I must admit that on this occasion it was a fractionally slower process than is my norm! And to my delight, her response was not the usual “MWAH MWAH” just past each ear, but a proper, and in this case electrifying, contact between lips and cheek! “It is SO very kind of you to invite me” she purred, she had a most sexy and cultured English accent, with only the slightest hint of Indian, despite apparently never having been here before. After about the third layer was removed from her upper half, I was astounded to find she had, not the 1950’s style ‘bullet-proof’ brassiere I had expected, but a beautifully delicate and lacy cr

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It turned me on to be honest more pov
Kazuto hongou
Wyd u go home wit her n this is what u boutta fuc
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