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#39104 - Jessica looked into Gene's eyes and without saying a word took his hand into her own and they walked to the bedroom in silence, once inside Jessica jumped onto the bed and spread her legs wide, Impale me with your cock and ready my pussy for the spit Jessica said as her fingers dipped into her pussy and went to work while Gene undressed. When will you do me? she asked with hopeful eyes, Tomorrow, I was hoping to have to for a little fun tonight before you go Gene replied returning her hopeful gaze. Jessica yelped again as Gene slowly started pumping into her faster then slower then harder then softer, Pant, Pant, Pant was heard from both of them as Jessica's pain was quickly replaced by pure pleasure, she was soon riding one wave of organism after another, just when Jessica thought she couldn’t take much more of his pounding she heard him scream, IM GOING TO CUM!! as Gene's ball's exploded inside her.

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Hikari horaki
Now if you want to suggest the camera man shut the fuck up i m right there with you
Tomoe koga
I came so hard to this