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#36870 - Irene asked Maryellen why does everyone call him Bull? Well Maryellen looked to see where the girls were and leaned over to Irene and said huney he got that name because that man hung like one, laughing as Irene was shocked!! Well George outside with Thedford said; Yah might as well stay with us at least the night it'll take that long to get your wagon back here and into the barn and I'll have the hands check it out see what's ailing it!! So they went to the huge mansion and went inside as Thedford now began to wonder just how in the hell they were in such a place as this after noticing all the blacks working about in the fields, around the barns; and in the garden were multiple black ladies picking the vegetables and such. It looks like Louie really busted you open inside huh? Irene just grunted a painful grunt and nodded her head yes holding her belly and Maryellen said we have got to sneak you out somehow and get you over to Aunt Clarabell and give

Read Young Old Inka Okasare Mama to Kakuchou Onnakyoushi Oiled Inka Okasare Mama to Kakuchou Onnakyoushi

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