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#389231 - Alone walked a young boy through the city of Bradford, it was Kenny Miller's fifteenth birthday and he was spending it alone, he looked across the road at all the other people his age playing with their friends, he walked on thinking about how he could try to reach out to people, maybe he should try more. The next morning kenny woke up to she sounds of people screaming and shouting, he quickly jumped out of bed and threw on some clothes before heading to his window to see what all the fuss was about, he looks out and see’s people fleeing in terror but from what he did not know, he quickly out of his room and into his mums expecting her to be still in bed but she wasn’t so had a quick search of the apartment hoping she might be hiding somewhere but alas there was know sign of her, he put his trainers on and ran out of the apartment, he ran down all the floors then out of the front door, as soon as he got outside he saw her, he saw his own mum dead killed by a ninja star, he loo

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She is amazing wish i was the one giving her them good strokes