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#158196 - Alice's small mouth could only just open wide enough, my helmet and half my shaft was enough to fill her wet warm mouth. I heard Alice get up about 9:30am like normal and hit the shower. “Sit your tight little cunt down on that cock and ride it, tell me when it’s right inside you” “Ooooh ooh yes yes it’s in aaahhh yes all the way” “Ride it , ride it like you used to before you met me, I know you still fantasize about cock in your pussy Alice so imagine that your riding some boys hard dick” Alice sat down on the rubber cock facing me, I had to hide and check she wasn’t looking but she had her eyes closed as she rode up and down the rubber dick in her tight hole.

Read Gorgeous Isekai ni Shoukan Sareta Kimoota! Rola Isekai ni Shoukan Sareta Kimoota!

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