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#143504 - gijanemaccoy: i lick your entire pussy from hole to clit adn your nails finally break through BB: hmmm gijanemaccoy: a trickle of blood slides down my skin and absorbs into the sheets BB: omg gijanemaccoy: my last move and attack your clit for one final go gijanemaccoy: ]i pull you into me and i lift my head to get even deeper into you gijanemaccoy: i thrust my tongue in and out of your pussy fast and hard gijanemaccoy: you moan gijanemaccoy: i lick your clit faster gijanemaccoy: and you moan gijanemaccoy: i feel your body starting to tense and you nails in my shoulders confirm it BB:if only you were here gijanemaccoy: your rocking your hips against my tongue as i lick against your clit gijanemaccoy: your hips grind back and forth for more BB: hmmm gijanemaccoy: your motions get less and less as your clit starts to pulse hard against your coming climax gijanemaccoy: you shudder to a stop and i lick as fast as i can gijanemaccoy: you body tenses and you cum is flowing

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