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#22503 - She decided to shave her pubic hair off, which when she showed me for the first time, I just couldn't help myself, I pushed her back into her bed, spread her legs and started working her clit with my tongue, and eating and tasting her pussy, while my fingers worked deep inside her pussy, first just one finger, then two, gripping my fingers hard. Karen and I sat snuggled on the sofa watching TV when she said, do you fancy a shower now, then we can get snuggled up in bed?. That was it I couldn't hold out any longer, and I felt spurt after spurt of my hot sticky spunk shoot out of my engorged cock and flood Karen's womb, with a series of grunts, at the same time, Karen had another massive orgasm, and as I was filling her petite slim body with my cum, she was coming around my cock.

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Rocco sei il nostro orgoglio
This woman is drop dead stunning holy shit
Hanta sero
Bad acting