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#152000 - I asked her you like that? “Sure, what is there not to like!” Knowing our car was back in the parking lot, I thought I’d try and stir something up. Her pussy was swollen and irritated,she had sucker marks all over her thighs, on both tits her neck, when I rolled her over there were bites on he round ass and on her shoulders, this wasn't a lesbian this woman was an animal. When I got to the car I opened the back door and Dee was naked with her hands tied up above her head with her bra, and the smell of pussy juice everywhere,the were hickies all over her neck, tits and thighs, Sandy wasn’t lying.

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Shouta magatsuchi
Yeah it oddly works for her it s sexy in a weird way usually it s not my preference lol
Madoka higuchi
Reminds me of a friend who fucked me a while ago