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#240817 - all i can do is wait,,,,,,wait and hurt and think,,,,,,,,,,,,,earlier in the day i had not responded correctlyand you decided i needed to learn a lesson,,upon entering the bedroom i saw a harness hanging from the ceiling it was made like a sort of swing, you had me stand in front of the harness as you lowered it then you had me sit back in it,,,so that i sunk threw the seat, when i was fully positioned i was hanging like sitting in a tire swing, my knees were against my chest and i was bent in half, unable to fall threw but unable to get out either, this position left my asshole and pussy exposed to whatever you wanted to do to them, squeesing both breasts together you place nipple clamps on my breasts with only about 2 inches of chain so that when you let go the nipples were being strecthed extrememly painfully but you still weren't done, directly in the middle you attached a 6 oz weight and let it go causing an agonizing pain in both nipples at once,at my yelp of pain you reache

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