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#59429 - OH SHIT!! I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING!!! AAAAAHHH!! And with that, she convulsed, first hard backwards against my dildo thrust – nearly making me lose my balance, and I clutched wildly at her hips – and then she subsided like an extinct volcano, slumping forwards and making incoherent noises. She had been right about one thing: my first time doing this to another girl was truly memorable – and it completed my lesbian transformation, for it had been so utterly satisfying that I knew with total certainty this was what I wanted to be doing, now and for always. This initiation was at least giving me a lot of experience and practice.

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Mio aoyama
She is crazy sexy and slurry but that moaning is a boner killer
Rizel iwaki
So fucking hot an awesome 17 minutes of masturbation you 2 are awesome
Mitsuhiko tsuburaya
Not quite ice lafox but i can still get jiggly wit it juheard
Bright noa
Love it