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#388736 - Kim was stroking my cock as we talked, it didn't take long to get hard, so I looked at Stu, asking him, had he been fucked by a real cock yet. I said yer, I love it too when Sue fucks me with it, my cock now leaking precum dripped onto the bed, Kim licked her lips, so with lttle fuss I moved my cock going right in her mouth first go. he shyly nodded NO, Kim looked at me, smiled and said On your knees Stu My cock was fully hard as I looked down, Stu's butt ready, I wipped it up and down his crack a few times then told Kim to wet it for me, her mouth soaked my cock, then gently I began, inch by inch Stu took my 8 inch cock, holding him by the hips now I thrust in deep, my balls slapped against his bum, as I fucked hard, Kim was under him now doing a 69, her tongue licking my cock as it went in and out her brothers arse.

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