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#143308 - “Of course you a pretty girl Faith” I nervously responded waiting for what was going to come out of her mouth next “I know what you were doing when you thought I was sleeping Dan, why don’t you want to do it anymore, is it because you think you cant, or that I’m to old?” “What are you talking about Faith?” I said trying to play it off “You know Dan, when you would masturbate your cock and put your cum on me, its ok Dan, I know why you did it, but how come you don’t want to do it anymore?” I knew I couldn’t play it off, she was way to sure of what I had done, so I asked her how she knew “How long did you know Faith? You’re not upset? I m sorry I did those things to you, I was a young horny teenager and I shouldn’t have done those things” “I didn’t know at the time, it wasn’t until you left that I found out what it was that you were doing, I mean, I knew what was happening, I just didn’t know what it meant why, and don’t feel bad, I have thought about it a lot since you have been g

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