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#241238 - Valentine wants all of his employees to be happy and comfortable, and making you perform with someone that was unappealing or gross would not be in keeping with his modus operandi!!! Gwen was grateful to hear that, and noticeably relaxed and let April Alden continue with her orientation. Valentine, that you have to have sex with him!!! There, it was out in the open, now Gwen just sat back and waited to see what Miss Alden had to say about that!!! You are partially correct, but it goes much farther than that, I'm afraid, Miss Alden continued, you see, if you go to work for Mr. Valentine has very particular parameters his girls must meet, April intoned, and you seem to fill the bill except for the one thing we haven't check on yet, if you are extremely hirsute in the vaginal area!?! Gwen was embarrassed to hear that kind of talk, especially about her, but she figured she had better get used to it, so she answered forcefully, I'm very hairy, more than anyone I�

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