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#17946 - It was late before most of the guys went home, and we all had been more than happy with our new play friend. Then she shyly said, can she try more of our toys too, of Course we all said, Any one in particular, I said, Again shyly she said, The big one 'Ok but we will wait until you have been well and truly fucked and your pussy is open nicely too I said Again a shy look, Was thinking of trying it in my arse she said We all looked a bit shocked but smiled and nodded yes. She stayed still, her body slowly regaining composure, as her orgasms subsided, we slipped out of her, my mouth on her pussy and arse, licking up cum, sucking out our juices from her body, Dave kissed her sharing Chris's cum with her, then with a large amount of our cum I went up, angled her face and let it dribble into her mouth, she took it, licking her lips, then kissed me back, the smile so big said it all.

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