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#156181 - I felt rather than saw her facial expression change from lust to horror when I flip down the switch and the elevator stop, I saw her hand reach out to the switch, she was fast but I was faster, I grab her hand and swirled her around and drew her in against me, my other hand covered her mouth and nose. I am content just to have my member in the hot tightness of her vulva, content to feel its oil on my flesh, I was satisfied very satisfied. I stop moving and just stayed in her, I concentrated on how much of my member was in her, I opened my awareness to the tightness of her vulva on my member, I became aware of her body heat, I became aware of her muscles throbbing against my flesh, I became aware of her smooth firm ass cheeks against my lower belly, I thought of her magnificent huge udders hanging down under her, not only did I find it incredible exciting to see her vulva wrapped around my member but I also enjoyed seeing her asshole and I was certain that it was used as often as h

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I wish i could find a glory hole
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The pussy is beautiful and l like it