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#136340 - All too soon I was reaching the point of no return and unbeknown to me the same was happening to Peter and it was his explosion into my ass that sent me over the edge and I unloaded the biggest load of jism in my life, right up into the depths of Sally’s pussy and with a scream she exploded before we all collapsed into a sweaty heap upon the banana lounge. Sally did as suggested and in no time at all she was lying on her back, yellow bikini eye mask and listening to some relaxing music on the I-pod. It soon seemed like these girls were having a competition and us boys were the benefactor, I am not sure about Peter but I was having a hard time trying to disguise the hard on I was supporting and was certain Sally could feel it.

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Naoe kanno
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Hot hentai especially watching your beautiful face then the smile at the end
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