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#349531 - With all that then done she came to me and said; What will be witnessed here tonight and done before your eyes cannot be told to a soul outside this room!! This you must obey!! Or he the master of us all will take her from us!!! She said; Do you swear to this demand? I told her yes and she said follow me to the alter as I did and she placed my hand on top that ancient book and said; You must swear to the master of all, and call out his name as you do so he hears your pledge and the rules set forth for this night! I did swear and said his name as she told me to and I felt this strange feeling shoot through my hand and my entire body felt it as she said the master has answered your word of silence. She headed no attention to me at all just pushed that cart over to the ritual table and took each creature and placed them on the stands and the two Satan carvings she put one at the head right where the curved down part was a spot perfectly arrange

Read Oriental Natsu no Hacka Doll Satsueikai! - Hacka doll Blowjobs Natsu no Hacka Doll Satsueikai!

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