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#192326 - “So what were your plans for tonight?”, “Well I did want to go out and watch a movie…”, she smiled, “Well then, mind if I tagged along with you?”, “Of course not!”, with that she sat back more relaxed and we started talking about various little things. Months went by and we kept flirting and every now and then we had a bit of a misunderstanding, but we patched it up like good friends do. y yeah I’m all better now”, she giggled slightly and gave me another hug, I ushered her inside and locked the gate behind her, “Come sit down, wow this is a very pleasant surprise”, she smiled at me and sat down, “I’m glad you like it, but don’t you have work to do?”, I shrugged, “Ah don’t worry about it, the technician will see that I didn’t finish and will probably finish it himself”, she smiled and sat there looking at me with her dark blue eyes and I was looking at her in a comfortable silence.

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