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#334533 - She was almost hominid in shape, she stood on 2 legs and was hairless, there was markings on her in different shades of blue I couldn’t see where they went under her exclusive 1-piece skin tight black suit, which stretched from just above her shoulders to just below where men’s boxer shorts finish, the being had Medium sized breasts and a sizable behind from I could tell. I went to my bed eagerly awaiting her arousing stare, and like clockwork when I wasn’t looking at the corner of my room she appeared there. She grabbed my dick and guided it into her wet cunt, I pushed hard into her at first she was so tight, We both let out equally load moans, as her pussy loosened up my hips pulsed in and out of her, I had wanted this for a long time.

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Her body is too fire
Wataru hibiki
The way she moves when she saw the cock