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#127733 - He called to the dog and stroked him; Damion wagged his tail and licked the lad’s prick that was standing up harder than mine. If you have ever seen a couple of dogs having a go, then you will know what I mean! And you will also know how long it takes them, so I turned my attentions to Jean who was really pumping at me now and from the way she was gripping my hips she was just on the verge of coming, so I raised my hips a little to help her, she sank her prick deeply in my guts and came in many terrific blasts of jizz drenching my intestines in jet after jet of her cooling spunk milk. Suzy seemed to hesitate, then stood up and turned her back on him, he started at her waist and then her bottom, “What a pretty little bottom” he said “Bend over slightly and open your legs a bit” he asked, she did what he said and he passed his hand between her legs and washed slowly back and forth, I looked up at Suzy and she had her hands on the wall and her eyes were closed, I thought she was asleep.

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Me too
Nonon jakuzure
Im impressed everytime i stop by
Kenjirou shirasu
I was dying the whole time