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#150737 - I fucked her hard and fast, holding her by her supple hips, she was slamming back hard, like a woman possessed—she was tiny, like the skinny young teen girls we fucked in the woods when we all lost our cherries the summer we turned 14, but she was a real woman—not a girl-- and when I pinched both of her thick ass cheeks between my thumb and forefinger, Eva came again hard. I stroked it hard for about 30 seconds and blew a tremendous load into my foreskin, licking my fingers carefully, enjoying the taste of my own cum, another story I may share in the future. Eva released my rigid cock from her wet mouth with a gentle “pop” and slid her tiny frame back on the bed, spreading her legs wide and folding her knees and looking at me pleadingly asked, “will you lick my clit please?” I dove right in, dropping to my knees and plunging my face into her soaking wet muff, wondering why she seemed to be begging for this most basic of sex act, something I know men would pay good money to do to suc

Read Pornstar Otome Netoria - Maiden NeTRia | 處女通姦紀實 Bondage Otome Netoria - Maiden NeTRia | 處女通姦紀實

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