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#21494 - Ok honey smack!! No!! You will address me as Mam or Mistress understand? Yes Mam I said good now let's make sure you can't move, she began to put handcuffs of my hands and ankles and secure them to ropes she had already tied to the Bed frame. Do you know what's in this bottle she asked? No mam I said It's lemon juice and I'm going to use the whole thing on your ass so let's see how much it's going to hurt shall we? No! Please for the love of god no! To fucking bad for you slut ouch! Ouch! Drop by drop she put the lemon juice all Ove my now red bleeding and brused ass , it felt like she was pouring liquid fire onto my ass and I started screaming at the top of my lungs for her to stop she just laughed and said you are such a sissy boy idiot slut can't you will shut the fuck up or I'll give you a reason to beg me to stop!!! I couldn't help it the pain was to much I beged her to stop putting the lemon juice on my ass like my life depend

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