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#59340 - Safe in the back of Smith's van the young former cheerleaders for the first time this long cold night fell asleep in each others arms, arriving at there destination neither one of the young girls would have expected to wake up and find themselves at the gates to the state female alternative meat processing plant, looking up on top of the big gate as they passed Molly and Samantha could see the large sign State Alternative Meat Processing Plant, Girl-Cow delivery entrance both girl's look at each other they knew that no girl ever leaves this plant except as steaks. Upon entering the room, once again girl's could be seen standing in rows as state meat inspectors inspected them and graded them according to age, height, weight and condition, when it was finally Molly and Samantha's turn to be graded the inspected walked over and grabbed Molly hard forcing her to bend over causing her pussy to be revealed from behind, with a gloved hand he began sticking his finger

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