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#415402 - It had been almost six months since Maggie's last fuck and she was about to start climbing the walls if she didn't get some cock in a hurry!!! Will you sit your ass down, girl, Jada said while looking up over the top of her book, you're driving me nuts with all your pacing!!! Jesus christ I can't stand it for another minute, Maggie replied to her cell mate, if I don't get some pecker quick I'm gonna loose my mind!!! You and me both, honey, Jada shot back with a crooked grin, but unless you've got a magic lamp with a genie I guess you're just gonna have to be satisfied with my tongue!!! Maggie made a face at the sweet twenty six year old black girl, and then with a shrug of her shoulders she plopped down on her cot and replied with resignation, You're right, but I'm gonna try to figure out some way to get some dick, you just mark my words, as she took Jada into her arms and kissed her full on the lips, you just mark my wor

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