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#357223 - ” He was just about ready to sneak out the back door when all of a sudden, and much to his surprise, the door swung open and a cute little red haired woman of about twenty eight barged into the kitchen carry several bags of groceries! It was too late to run, and for a hot second both startled parties just stared at each other trying to figure out exactly what to do next! The woman glanced back at the still open door and was about to make a break for it when Pete pulled a switch blade from his pocket and said menacingly, “You’ll never make it, honey, so why don’t you just set down the bags and let’s think this through!” “W-what are you doing in my house?” the woman asked fearfully. She gasped loudly as his semi hard cock popped into view, and try as she might, her eyes locked on it like radar to an airplane! She groaned softly while her smoothly shaven pussy drenched her white cotton panties, and offered no resistance when he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over to the edge of th

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