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#295814 - When I get to work in the morning I am in full focus grind mode. but on this particular day I was a little distracted. I recognized her face and quickly realized that it was my front desk manager Tracy she had been coming off the elevator doing the same thing that I was doing which was checking the same email it was a procedure that all of the employees at the resort would often do early in the morning but this time he came back to bite me she also apologized I'm very sorry also it's no problem are you going down I asked her she smiled and said no I'm getting off right here i smiled and said all that's too bad I don't know why I flirted with her it wasn't something that I did especially to someone that I didn't know very well but luckily she took it very politely smiled at me and even flirted back she responded well maybe I should get back on that was an awkward silence between the two of us as I enter the elevator she walked away and looked back at me and smiled once again and from

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Celistia ralgris
If you could get rid of one thing in the world what would it be i would get rid of country music haha