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#257112 - “April this has been the best Christmas ever” Lee said holding her tightly “I agree Lee,” she said kissing him on the cheek “You two look so happy together, I can see you have a bright future together” Stephanie said with a bright grin as she watched the two cuddle up “We do too Steph, a bright future with lots of happiness”. “What does he want?” Steph asked her sister as they both thought of a last minuet present to get “I’m not sure actually, he said what ever I got him would be fine but I just haven’t seen anything at all” April said as she looked through a magazine for any last second inspiration. “Ohhh god yes!” April moaned out as she felt her sisters tongue probe into her pussy, she was on the verge of Cumming but wanted to hold off for a while yet and add to the pleasure later.

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