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#419058 - After several moments Carolyn sat back down, but this time her skirt seemed to have slid much farther up her legs giving Kathy a perfect view of the tops of her black stockings! Carolyn said that these would be fine but that she wanted another pair, but in suede, so Kathy again went to the store room and picked out another pair! After sitting back down, she began pulling off the black patents that Carolyn had just tried on, but as she began to tug on the heal of one of the shoes, Carolyn slightly spread her legs to reveal a very bare shaved vagina. The woman had on a pair of very expensive silk stockings that clung to her perfectly shaped ankle and foot, and while Kathy adjusted the position of her foot, she thought that she heard the lady make a small gasping sound! Kathy looked up to see if everything was okay, but the woman caught her with a steady gaze, giving her no sign of there being a problem.

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