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#4306 - such a small kid on his first time, and I just couldn't even move for masturbating just a little bit more, and now, lonely on a dirty dark room, having no response of his both strongly bound arms and legs, perhaps already liking this a little bit more every half of an hour, I just began to cry. Apparently, after 64 hours I woke up, already blindfolded, apparently with my own white shirt; standing on my knees bound: my both hands tied with some kind of strong, large chains, looking up; my both feet tied back to my own back, and those where linked with another weird kind of strong chains, to a dog collar I had since I was 7 round my neck, and I had such a strong headache that I didn't even got to notice that I was just so near from naked, but a red coat somebody had put me on, having its buttons undone, so anyone would immediately have an invincible wish to fuck me. SAID…DON’T…STOP…!-, and thus I did began to like spankings, but I just wasn’t done yet, and I did almost begu

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