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#240844 - By the way it always took at least six guys to really satisfy one horny women! One of the first couples i met, that were involved in sex games, after moving to the N/W was Butch and Cheryl. Not very often does one get to see some really hard sex. At first one of Johns helpers had removed his belt and with her legs apart started whipping her inner thighs first, followed by her pussy she was sobbing some as the gag was removed, she was barely able to speak and was trying to say not my pussy, as John took his belt and smacked her pussy at least a dozen times more mostly on her clit.

Read Maid [Warau Biteikotsu (Dobunezumi) Ojikatsu no Susume [Digital] - Original Gayemo [Warau Biteikotsu (Dobunezumi) Ojikatsu no Susume [Digital]

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