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#154991 - We went outside and began kissing, my hands were under her dress and l found the crutch of her knickers wet, l got her in the back of my car had her knickers off she spread her legs, my cock slid straight into her soaking wet pussy and l fucked her hard causing me not to take to long to shoot my steaming hot creamy spunk straight up into her womb, l could feel her inner pussy muscle spasm on my cock. I used to get so horny if l made them a sandwich to eat seeing them swallow a mouthful got my cock so hard l had to fuck my wife as soon as her friends left. When l slid my cock from Dawn’s sticky hole Jay stood behind me and began wanking my cock, Dawn was laid face down on the bed as l got wanked we watched our spunk dribble from between her pussy lips and onto the bed, l told Jay if he keeps wanking me l will want to fuck Dawn again but l did that later.

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