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#255029 - Ranma held Akane tight as she continued to cry and looked up at the same moment the spit came though Nabiki and out of her mouth small amounts of blood could be seen on the sharp tip of the spit, Genma released the now fully spitted Nabiki sow and she just laid there to tired from exhaustion and pain to resist anymore, Get the stabilizer Saltome Soan said as he released the end of the spit still held tight in his hand he then followed the spit with his hand until it found the spot where it entered Nabiki's pussy and began rubing her clit hard againts the steeel untill she came hard and her pained moans became sighs. When Kasume noticed this she brushed an extra amount of sauce onto her pussy when that part rotated back up into view Nabiki was comeing hard over and over again, “Look Akane she’s loving this, look how much a simple swish of the brush can get her off” Kasume said as she put her brush down and went back inside to the kitchen, Akane stood up and walked over to Nab

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