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#192 - when i went into havreys house we sat and walked about things harvey was making it sound like we wasnt going to last much longer then he asked me how much longer do you think we will last i was so shocked and upset by the question he just asked me i walked out of his house and i drove home. im so sorry harvey im really sorry i took my band off and went to hand it to harvey but he closed the door in my face. when i got to kyle house he asnwered the door and i walked in he asked if i was still into the rock band 3 days grace and i said i was so he put some of there music on and i started to relax and i started dancing kyle started dancing to and he grabbed hold of me and we started dancing together kyle was touching my front of my body 1 thing lead to another and me and kyle was kissing he took my hand and lead me to his bedroom i laid on his bed and we started kissing even more kyle started to unbutton my shirt and i let him he started undoing my pants and i said kyle stop ky

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