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#60476 - Lynn remembered the words that Steve had whispered in her ear, i want to make our first time together special . Steve used her cum juice that leaked from her cunt to wet his thumb before pressing it into her arsole causing her to come yet again, oooh god, whaaat aaaaree yooouu doooing toooo meeee while she was in the throws of orgasm, steve removed his cock from her pulsing cunt as well as his thumb from her arse, spitting on his already dripping wet cock for good measure he aimed it at her already slightly gapping rusty sheriff's badge and managed to plunder about four inches past her reluctant sphincter into her tight arsole. After he sent it he deleted all evidence and returned Jane's phone making sure he switched it off silent again.

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Uff my mom
Shiryuu chouun
I wish i could see her face then it would be perfect