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#387507 - “Speaking about regrets it was stupid of me to no consider what would haven when I took every coin from the robber's hideout,” I replied “What now?” she asked as looked at the messy bed where the mercenary lay dead with a noose around his neck. “I have purchased the clothes. On the other side of the wall I heard Elenore gasp in lust.

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Kurumi hazuki
Well this is my fiance she s cheating with and making home made porn so don t feel bad and yes i love him so much i would probably take him back i ll never get over him or seeing this trust me talk to her and try and get her back before the porn ruins another life like it ruined mine no wonder he left me if he was this in to the porn scene even if you think she cheated go find out and try and make it right or you ll always regret it and yes i would forgive him i love him
Kiyoshi fujino
So does he
Himiko yumeno
Who the hell is he