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#326481 - she felt the device spinning gently and realized with some disgust that the device was in fact a large rotisserie she could be rotated a full 360 degrees to whatever man wanted her service next. The curiosities about the tubes near her groin were answered, when the man pushed a button, a humming noise erupted from the machine, and slippery fluid ran over her anus and groin SHE WAS BEING LUBED AUTOMATICALLY?!?! , the man aimed his fat cock at her asshole, and grabbed her hips and drove his cock right up her tight puckered asshole, behind the cock ring and the cock buried in her throat, she screamed the most guttural and primal scream, as the burning and ripping sensations churned in her ass, and the man kept pushing his cock in and out of her torn asshole She began to cry , and kept screaming as the men laughed at her pain , over and over he pounded into her anus , the head of his cock pushing open her rectal muscles and searing her torn rectal wall , as the precum started to leak out

Read Colombiana Emergence Metamorphosis chapter 8 Rough Emergence Metamorphosis chapter 8

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