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#248041 - ‘I want you to stick that fucking big fat cock right up my cunt and fuck me senseless, then spray me with your spunk’ ‘Did you hear that Mom, so that’s what I am going to do, you can watch if you want too’ and with that I slowly pushed my cock into Beryls swollen cunt, she groaned and pushed backwards softly and I slid more of my cock slowly into her, I desperately wanted to come but I wanted to make this moment last as long as possible as the thought of Mom watching me fuck her best friend from the back and then shoot my spunk all over her was too good, Beryl pushed back against me, trying to get as much of my cock in her as possible, I slowly started to slide my cock back and forth, Beryls cunt was soaking and every time I pushed right in, her juices squirted out and soaked my balls and stomach, I closed my eyes and started to pump faster, I could feel Beryl pushing back against me, begging me to fuck her harder. ‘Firstly open your blouse so that I can see those big tits of yours, t

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