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#308918 - You might say that it was Tyler’s “pleasure” to help us. I reclined comfortably and dreamed of my wife naked, legs spread By the time I got home, with all my drinking I was ready to sleep for a wide apart, with Tyler humping her pussy and her telling him to fill her up. I not only loved to eat my wife’s pussy, especially full of cum, but every once in awhile, she’d pee in my mouth as I ate her! Hay, consenting adults, right and to each his own! Lynn said she’d call before coming home, but not to expect the call before Sunday afternoon that she needed to get it right and it might take several tries.

Read Step Sister 解禁:初始的快感1-103 中文翻译(完结) Tight Cunt 解禁:初始的快感1-103 中文翻译(完结)

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