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#190319 - “Mrs Smith you need to understand something, we are quiet callous you were told to obey us, you refused a direct instruction, you failed to comply, instantly, you were warned. A full programme of events from clay pigeon shooting, to fly casting and fishing techniques, show jumping and dog scurries, keeping you occupied all day, with so much to see and time running out hubby suggested that you book for the 4. Lady Elly speaks “we’ll detour around them,“ with that Elly opens a small side door “we’ll take a short cut, mind the steps” with that you follow her down the dimly lit narrow circular stone staircase, the ever present old man close behind, at the bottom lady Elly stopped suddenly to unlock a heavy oak door, you stumble, and fall against her, in the confusion you don’t feel the hypodermic needle in your thigh, you continue through into the wine cellar, you begin to feel strange, unsteady, your hearing somehow more sensitive as the sound of Lady Helens spike heel shoes

Read Goth Hikaru Glass Suna Mamire no Diamond Solo Girl Hikaru Glass Suna Mamire no Diamond

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