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#32492 - Meg began asking the most intimate of questions, such as when was the last time either of them had let a man put a penis inside of them, or when was the last time that they had let a man stick a tongue into their cunts and lick their erect little clits!?! It was truly amazing to be sitting in a crowded area, surrounded by hundreds of people while exposing yourself to a total stranger, and then incredilby having her talk to you about your most secret sexual exploits!!! Angela, now breathing hard, her pussy flooded with juice, and her lips engorged with blood, asked the woman, Do you love wet vaginas?!? The woman nodded and replied, Especially when they are peeking out from under a skirt, their lips bulging and dripping with dew! Jackie chimed in with, Meg, are you wet now, too? Oh, my yes, she hissed quietly, my slit is making my panties sopping wet! All three woman then began asking each other the crudest things, an made the most obscene comments about each others crotches

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You watanabe
She looked better on the first one
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