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#347213 - Stephanie was lying back on some of the cushions, and I had got her panties off and was stroking her slit with my fingers, easing it open and making her gasp – though her gasps were a bit muffled, because as usual she had gone for her favourite thing: my tits. I look down over my stomach, and I get a tremendous charge from seeing your neatly-clipped dark hair bobbing up and down over my pussy, as you lap all around it. You run the comb through your neatly-clipped dark curls, and all three of us smile together – part of the secret sisterhood of lesbians, we are now friends and lovers, although of course no one else must ever suspect a thing.

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Asagi igawa
Black panties yum i would fuck my stepsis too if she were dress like that and do laundry
Tokoha anjou
You ride so good that cock